Tips and Ideas How to Make Money with your Drone

Have you ever thought about making some money on the side with your drone and build a profitable side hustle? In this article we present different ideas how to turn your hobby into a little money on the side and maybe even into your profession. Sell drone photos and drone videos Have you ever heard … Read more

Ryze Tello IMU Calibration

Während der IMU-Kalibrierung der Ryze Tello

Drones such as the Ryze Tello and other DJI drones have a number of built-in sensors and devices that enable stable and smooth flight. In order for these to function properly, it is necessary to calibrate them from time to time. You may have received a request in the drone app to calibrate the “IMU”. … Read more

Drones: Frequently Asked Questions

Person Holding a Drone

Drones are increasingly finding their way into society. No surprise: flying is fun, great shots are easily taken with modern camera technology and the small aircrafts are now affordable for private use. Many people are interested in quadrocopters but have some questions like “How much do drones cost?” or “How long do drones fly? Especially … Read more

Drone Accessories: What’s Useful?

Drone With Additional Equipment

Drones are enjoying great and ever-growing popularity. Also the extensive and varied selection of drones accessories is used more and more often by the owners of quadrocopters. The reason for this is the many advantages that the use of drone accessories brings with it. It is by no means just a unnecessary “Nice to Have”, … Read more

What are Drones?

The high technology future, in which the hard human work is taken over by robots, has come a little closer to us with the invention of drones. The interesting flying objects are extremely functional: they are used to sow fields, protect state borders, search for missing persons and much more. Drones also have great potential … Read more

Ryze Tello: Increase Flight Range With WiFi Extender

DJI Tello WiFi Extender and A Powerbank

With the entry-level drone Ryze Tello you can only fly about 100 meters, as described in our detailed review. With a cheap additional device you can increase the range and the maximum altitude significantly. In this article we show you which equipment you need to increase the range of the Tello. In addition, we explain … Read more